free cat food and litter assistance

We all know times have been tough. If you need some extra help with cat food or cat litter for your indoor pets, Felius is here to lend a hand. Sign up for our free food and litter program to keep your cats where they belong - in your home.

At the moment, we our assistance program is on hold until we receive more donations of cat food and litter. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Program Rules & Restrictions

  • All cats must be legally owned and registered by the person applying and picking up supplies. Cats MUST be keep indoors at all times. If you need help with community/feral cats, visit our trap-neuter-return page for assistance.

  • Felius only provides specific amounts of food and litter per the number of cats in household (up to four cats). Amounts will be a one-month supply per cats in household:

    • 1-2 Cats: One bag of food and one box of litter.
    • 3-4 Cats: Two bags of food and two boxes of litter.
  • Participants can only reserve free food and litter supplies once per month.

  • Food and litter provided are not for re-sale and must be used by the person picking up the supplies.