Adoption Contracts

So you’ve found your purrfect match, what’s next? Once you have been approved through our adoption application process, we require all adoptees to sign an adoption contract or a foster-to-adopt contract. See below for details.

Adoption Contract

Felius Rescue will not place a cat known to have an unsound temperament, but we urge you to slowly introduce the cat(s) to any new environment and existing pets to minimize stress. The adoptee agrees:

  • to keep the cat indoors at all times.
  • that you have the ability and willingness to provide proper food, medical care, and a loving, safe, healthy, and clean environment for the adoptive cat. to not to declaw the adopted cat.
  • that you are fully liable and responsible for all medical and other expenses for the cat after signing the adoption contract.
  • that if you are unable or unwilling to keep the cat for any reason, you must contact Felius Rescue and give it the first option of reacquiring the cat before any alternative placement, surrender, or euthanasia.

Felius Rescue will provide all medical records and disclose any medical or behavioral issues that are known to us at the time of the adoption.

Adoption Contract  

Foster-to-adopt Contract

Felius Rescue’s foster-to-adopt program enables you to foster a cat for a maximum of 14 days prior to officially adopting the animal. The adoptee agrees:

  • review and sign our our foster policy guidelines and agree to abide by those terms and conditions.
  • agree that you have 14 days to decide on adopting or returning the cat to Felius Cat Café.
  • if you choose to adopt, you must return to Felius to sign our adoption contract, pay the adoption fee, and collect the cat’s medical records/paperwork.
  • in the event you do not want to adopt the Cat within the Evaluation Period, you agree to promptly return the Cat to Felius Cat Café.
  • acknowledge and agree that until the adoption is completed, the Cat belongs to Felius Rescue.

Foster-to-Adopt Contract