Our Community Cat and TNR Program

Felius Cat Café works with community members and local rescues to provide assistance with trapping community cats through our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program. See below for the three ways we offer community assistance.

Felius offers assistance in two ways:

1. Trap-Neuter/Spay-Return (TNR)

If you are looking for guidance or assistance with managing the population of a community cat colony, Felius would like to assess your needs and see if we can help through TNR. What is TNR? Community cats (feral cats) are humanely trapped and taken to a veterinarian to be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and have one ear tipped (a visible sign that a cat has been a part of a TNR program), then finally returned to their colony or placed for adoption if appropriate. This program reduces the number of cats able to reproduce thereby reducing the number of kittens.

TNR Program Rules:

  • You must be the rightful keeper/caretaker/custodian of the Animal(s) OR you have reason to believe that the Animal(s) do not have a rightful owner/keeper/caretaker/custodian.
  • You surrender to Felius Rescue any and all property rights to the Animal(s) and certify that no other person has a right of property to the Animal(s).
  • You understand that Felius Rescue has the right to evaluate if the Animal(s) can be socialized and adopted through our standard adoption process. If the Animal(s) is not suitable for adoption, it will be returned to where the Animal(s) was originally found after the TNR process is complete.

Note: We have a small (but mighty) team of TNR volunteers. Please be patient while we process your application. We try to help every cat we can, but unfortunately we cannot help everyone.

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2. Free Food for Cat Colonies

Times are hard. If you need help feeding your community cat colony, Felius can help. Click the link below to pick-up free cat food from our café. After selecting a pick-up time below, you will be asked to complete a short form regarding the number of cats in your colony. You can only book an appointment up to 30 days in advance.

Program rules below:

  • Participants must be the main caretaker of the cat colony.
  • Free dry cat food is available based on a rotating, donated supply. We can provide one bag per month, per person.
  • Participants can only reserve free food supplies once per month.
  • Food provided is not for re-sale and must be used by the person picking up the supplies.

We are currently placing this program on hold as we gather more food and litter supplies.