About Felius

Felius is Omaha’s first and only nonprofit cat café, opening summer 2018! Our mission is to revolutionize Omaha’s cat adoption experience and reduce euthanasia rates. Watch our video to find out more and see how you can help!

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How It Works

All of our cats are free to roam within a special area designed just for them. We charge $7 for a 30 minute cuddle session or $12 for an hour session. The entry fee goes towards cat care and ensuring the best possible experience for our feline friends. Arrive a few minutes early and grab a cup of coffee to enjoy while you cuddle with our cats. Reservations are encouraged and an online reservation system will be available later in 2018.


Revolutionize Omaha’s cat adoption experience through interaction, education, and community while putting animal welfare first.

Enable faster adoption rates and relieve overcrowded facilities.

Provide the most comfortable adoption experience for rescue cats.

Increase rescue cat adoptions while contributing to lower euthanasia rates.

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Coffee For a Cause

Coffee Cup
In addition to housing adoptable cats, Felius also offers a full-service coffee bar and limited snacks. In collaboration with our Muglife partnership, we bring you standard coffee offerings and specialty drinks. Plus, every cup of coffee you purchase goes towards the Felius nonprofit. We enable you to do good one cup of coffee at a time.


Muglife’s mission is to purchase, preserve and prepare coffee that venerates cultivators, inspires consumers and elevates expectations. They brew and serve specialty coffee and handcrafted drinks. Muglife is partnering with Felius as our exclusive coffee provider and drink creator.

Omaha Wags to Riches provides Felius with fully-vetted adoptable cats. They are a nonprofit animal rescue group in Omaha that often takes in the pets who have nowhere else to turn, give them the vet care they need, and then place them in loving foster homes until their forever home can be found.